Kindly read the following declaration carefully before taking admission at Unique IAS Study Circle.


  • 1. I hereby declare that the information furnished on the enrollment Form etc. is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • 2. I have fully satisfied myself with regards to quality and excellence of teaching at Unique IAS study circle from all available information/sources and have decided to study at Unique IAS Study Circle.
  • 3. I promise to abide by all rules and regulations of unique IAS study circle declaration, in letter and spirit.
  • 4. I undertake that the course material / study material is given to the candidate during the course of study at Unique IAS Study Circle, shall not be given to anyone else for any purpose whatsoever, all copyrights are reserved for the study material of unique IAS Study Circle.
  • 5. No part of the study material Unique IAS Study Circle may be reproduced or transmitted, I any form or by any means, electronic , mechanical, photocopying , recording or otherwise stored in any retrieval system of any nature without the written permission of the copyright holder and the publisher, application for which shall be made to the publisher.
  • 6. I understand that Unique IAS study circle reserves it's right to use the name and photograph of the successful candidate in there any kind of advertisements. In case , any other institute claims that such successful candidate was not the student of Unique IAS Study circle and studied at their institute, then I shall be bound to support Unique IAS Study circle in any manner whatsoever. I shall also be bound to support Unique IAS Study Circle in case I obtained or used any kind of assistance/ guidance/ study material from the said institute.
  • 7. I understand that incase of any legal dispute, the jurisdiction will be an appropriate court/ forum in Bhopal only and I shall not take recourse to such an action in any other court/ forum anywhere else. In case I do, I shall inform that the relevant court / forum regarding this jurisdiction constraint.

I declare that I have read and understood at all clauses/ rules and regulations contained in the declaration on enrollment form and agree to abide by them without any reservation or ambiguity.