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UPSC IAS Interview Preparation: Top Tips To Crack IAS Interview in 2021 | Unique IAS

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IAS Interview Preparation Tips: How To Prepare For The IAS Interview

The UPSC IAS interview is one of the most important steps in a candidate's career. While it may seem like just a simple interview with a panel of the interviewer, preparation is still needed in this stage to make sure that you do well. A candidate who does not prepare well will likely fail miserably in an IAS interview. Preparing for the UPSC IAS interview is a must for all who wish to succeed in their careers. The best way to prepare for an UPSC IAS interview is to opt for an IAS coaching in Bhopal. These IAS coaching classes prepare students well from every aspect of the Indian Administrative Service. They also conduct IAS mock interviews from time to time to help students gain the required skill and confidence when the D-day comes. With that said, we are going to share with you a couple of techniques that will allow you to better prepare for your interview and to improve the chances of you passing with flying colors. So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:

IAS Preparation Tip One: Know Your Strength and Weakness

As an UPSC interviewee, you have to let the interviewer know what your strong points are and what your weak points are. Remember that this will be your only opportunity to shine in front of a panel of experts who have been hired for the job. Therefore, this will be your only chance to display your abilities in front of them.

IAS Preparation Tip Two: Go Prepared

Before going for the interview, always make sure that you have your resume, personal essays, and any other necessary documents. Make sure that you have also researched the UPSC IAS interview location on time. It is best that you should know your exact answers to the interview questions beforehand.

IAS Preparation Tip Three: Create a Friendly Atmosphere

When you are speaking to the interview panel, your aim should be to create a friendly atmosphere. This can be done by maintaining a positive attitude. Even if the interview panel members are rude to you during an UPSC IAS Interview, it is important not to lose your composure. Remember, the interview panel is not there to judge you but to seek your knowledge and skills. If you lose your cool, then they will not want to hire you in the first place.

IAS Preparation Tip Four: Prepare for Additional Subjects Too

It would be a great idea to prepare some additional subjects. These topics can be used discussed during the UPSC IAS Interview Questions session and may act as your backbone. The most common of these additional subjects are marketing, management, and leadership, economics, communication skills, etc.

IAS Preparation Tip Five: Have Enough Time for Preparation

It is crucial for you to ensure that you have enough time available in your day to adequately prepare, before doing anything else for the day. Try and get at least two hours in, but hopefully three or more. You need to be able to focus completely on your interview and not worry about other things that might be going on at home or in the office.

IAS Preparation Tip Six: Develop Enough Confidence

The sixth tip is to ensure that you are confident during the interview itself. If you do not feel confident in yourself, it will be difficult for the interviewer to put their mind at ease with you. Therefore, ensure that you wear clean, tidy clothing, always carry yourself with confidence and speak enthusiastically about the position that you are applying for.

Final Words:

When you have already squeezed out all the information about yourself, as well as the necessary interview strategies, you will find that you are much more confident when it comes to answering questions. Once again, remember that an interview is not just a visual pass for getting an opportunity. It is a way for you to stand up for yourself and to display your worthiness. Keep all the UPSC IAS Interview preparation tips that were mentioned above in mind. Also, keep a positive attitude and do not forget to practice your Mains Skills. Good Luck!