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The purpose of our IAS/UPSC mock interview program is to help students improve their ability to think on their feet, have good command over language, ability to communicate in various types of terminologies, understand and solve complicated problems, critical thinking skills, listening skills, personality test, ability to work under pressure and be able to work independently and creatively. All these skills are what your interviewer will expect you to have and check for the same during the IAS/UPSC interviews. Mock interviews are the best ways to evaluate personality traits and analytical skills in a more specific way. By evaluating these things, you can determine if you have the capacity to clear the personal interview round of IAS/UPSC, or you need to work on yourself harder.

In the mock interview for IAS/UPSC you may also be required to answer some questions related to general awareness, reasoning, and other subjects as well. This kind of mock interview is very important for the students as it will help them to analyze their true potential and how ready they are for the real personal interview round that will be conducted by the UPSC. By attending this UPSC mock interview, you can increase your selection chances. This UPSC mock interview consists of an oral presentation about the job description and answers questions relating to the specific duties and responsibilities of the job. The governing bodies of IAS, UPSC would certainly look for the above-mentioned qualities in the candidates appearing for the interview.

In the UPSC IAS mock interview, the candidates are advised not to sit too still, keep eye contact with the interviewer, and maintain a conversational tone in answering questions. In order to assess their body language and personality, the interviewers ask them to demonstrate different kinds of physical gestures and verbal expressions. The interviewer also tries to gauge the candidates' interest in the questions by asking them to read a story from a piece of paper and then relate it to the actual interview. This process allows the candidates to develop their speaking, body language, and verbal skills so that they are well prepared for a real UPSC interview and impress the interviewers during a live interview.


The IAS mock interview program is the most sought after interview program of India, We have produced AIR 3rd, 7th, 23rd, 35th in IAS exam.

Features of the program

  1. 1) One to one interaction with top faculties of India
  2. 2) Performance evaluation and feedback
  3. 3) Online/Offline mock interview preparation available
  4. 4) Distribution of 35 modules including all important issues that can be asked in the interview
  5. 5) Repetition of mock interview if needed.
  6. 6) Video recording of mock interview available right after the interview for self-evaluation

Why Should You Join IAS Mock Interview Program?

  1. 1) Feedback by experts helps in improving performance in actual UPSC interview
  2. 2) Rigorous and comprehensive analysis of DAF
  3. 3) Video recorded session for self-assessment
  4. 4) Distribution of 30 modules covering current affairs relevant for UPSC interview.
  5. 5) Feedback on body posture, body language and speaking style of the candidate.
  6. 6) Understanding the demand and the psychology of the interview board
  7. 7) FREE of cost
  8. 8) The program has the history of producing toppers like AIR 3rd, 7th, 23rd, 35th in IAS exam.

The UPSC IAS Mock interview is a well-prepared and beneficial practice interview, conducted by an experienced panel of industry-leading experts. The purpose is to prepare students for genuine IAS interviews and build the necessary confidence for the real interview. This mock interview helps students develop and refine their interview technique and strategy so that they are well prepared when it comes to face-to-face interviews with interview board. This preparation also enables students to know what kind of questions may be asked during the actual interview and prepare themselves accordingly. The interviewers encourage candidates to raise any of the mentioned areas during the interview and gauge their performance. Candidates who are able to answer the questions accurately and confidently indicate that they have extra chances to secure a good position.

What Are The Advantages Of IAS Mock Interview Program?

There are a number of advantages of taking the IAS interview. This is particularly useful in preparing for the interview in case you have never had the opportunity to sit in one. Most of the questions relate to your knowledge of the language, but you will also have to demonstrate your ability to use it in real-life situations. As such, it is important to practice answering the questions until you feel comfortable answering them. When you do get the chance to appear in a real interview, you won't end up stumbling when it comes to your turn to answer a question.



- Rank 3RD

Frank interaction, Precise description of the aspects covered, very much productive


- Rank 7TH

i was a regular student of Unique IAS, i did not attaned any coaching in Delhi or anywhere else for General Studies & i am personnaly thankful to Gaurav Sir


- Rank 23RD

It was overall a good experience


- Rank 35TH

Mr Gaurav Marwaha is one of the most well known mentors of civil service administrative exam and under his guidance i achived enormuous self confidence and success


- Rank 43RD

Gaurav Sir has been a guiding light in my preparation, especially interview preparation. His knowledge about the subject matter is unparalleled. he has especially helped me with preparation for questions relatine to my home city


- Rank 51TH

It was a wonderful experience in terms of knowledge gained & in terms of building the confidence


- Rank 91TH

It was an extremely helpful session and an honest review at the end will definitely help me prepare better


- Rank 99TH

based that i could not answer but that again gives me experience of how to say "sorry I do not know" will brush up my socialogy more


- Rank 113TH

Interaction with Gaurav Sir was quite enriching and confidence boosting that i have to little bit improve on my awareness level is the dreaming I am carrying a long with me
Thankyou Sir for the guidance

What is IAS Mock Interview and, How it can boost your IAS interview preparations?

Mock Interviews are basically practice interviews which is a an effective simulation technique to prepare for UPSC interview.

While preparing for UPSC Interviews it is essential that you practice through mock Interview as it helps aspirants to know about their strengths and weaknesses. .

Usually, premier UPSC coaching Institutes organises mock Interviews where they create an environment similar to actual UPSC interview wherein a panel of experts including serving officers or ex officers, psychology experts, experienced academicians and, subject matter experts who closely examine the candidates and prepare them for the final UPSC interview. .

Any UPSC aspirant who has cleared UPSC Mains and has to appear for the Interview or Personality test must go for at least 6 or 7 mock Interviews as you are very close to the selection but, have to go through stiff competition even at this final interview stage! Going for Mock interviews will strengthen your confidence, ability to handle stress. The feedback given by panel experts during your mock interviews is crucial to prepare you well for the final UPSC Interview rounds. Remember that UPSC Interview is method meant to judge candidates on Intelligent quotient, mental calibre, emotional intelligence and quotient required to perform in Public Services. This is the real purpose of UPSC Interviews rather than merely checking your general knowledge. .

And, here comes the immense benefits of mock Interview to boost your IAS or UPSC Interview Preparation as goes the golden proverb “ Practice makes one Perfect!” .

At Unique IAS, we design Mock Interviews customised to each aspirant keeping in view the development requirement of his or her Individual Personality. Candidates are given thorough feedback to enable them make a mark in their Final Interview. You also get to learn by watching the Mock UPSC Interview performance of your peer candidates. Thus you get to learn by sharing.

So book your slot for UPSC Mock Interviews at Unique IAS and benefit from one of the best IAS mock Interview Course! .

15 Proven Tips to Crack IAS Interview !

The interview for IAS selection is a 30-minute process though but determines the success of your aspiration to be an IAS officer. A higher score can sometimes create a difference of more than 60-70 marks. Good interview score can definitely increase your chances to get through the selection process in UPSC Exams.

For getting through the IAS interview you need to follow certain strategy to prepare for it. .

Here is a quick reference list of activities to help you prepare well for the interview to fulfil your dream career. .


Be an early bird – The sooner you begin interview preparations, the better it is. .


Begin with Swot Analysis of self – You must jot down areas of your strengths and improvements for a focused interview preparation. .


Prepare a bio data and go through it thoroughly - you should know well about DAF(detailed application form). Generally 4 types of questions are asked Current affairs, profiles related, situational and behavioural. Thorough knowledge about your DAF and related facts and figures adds to your preparedness for the IAS Interview. .


Preparation through Mock Interviews – Mock Interviews are one of the proven methods to simulate an interview like situations where you can test your preparedness of the actual D Day! .


Strengthen communication skills – To get through the interview well, it is essential that you sharpen your communication skills. .


Prepare for aptitude and right attitude – For good performance in the IAS interview it is important for you to thoroughly prepare both – aptitude and attitude. Since you have already appeared for the IAS exams, you need to brush up the syllabus. You also should learn to develop your attitude in a positive way. .


Learn to be precise and to do the point – you must learn to think with clarity in order to communicate with precision and relevance during your interview for IAS. .


Read newspapers – continue with this habit which you have been doing for your UPSC exams to keep yourself updated about events and news. .


Brush up your optional – you should be well versed with your optional subject as a part of your preparation for the IAS interview. .


Be genuine – Any communication is effective when it is real and fact based. Hence, remember to be genuine while you respond to the interview questions for IAS. .


Right gestures and body language – It is a well known fact that right gestures and body language combined are an integral part of effective communication. So, bang on the basics of body language and gestures for making a mark in your interview for the IAS. .


Know about your State and District – UPSC interviews can have questions on the state or district you belong to. Read well about details like history, agriculture, geography, economy and demography of your domicile District and State. .


Stay calm and use of common sense- this skill is a must to get you through the IAS interview. You must master the art of staying calm with strong presence of mind to respond well to interview questions. .


Be confident and dress up neat and comfortable- one of the basic, yet very important tip! Continuous practice and preparation boosts the confidence. Also, keep in mind to dress

decently and comfortably on your interview Day. .


Go through your documents well – You must gather and review the documents you need to carry during the interview well in advance to save last minute hassle. .