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All you should know about Unique IAS

Unique IAS has been providing the best IAS coaching in Bhopal (M.P) and is one of the leading institutes to train students for IAS Mock Interview Preparations. Unique IAS has been helping students to achieve their career dream to clear IAS and UPSC exams for last 31 years. We are the best IAS/ UPSC coaching institute in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. With us, you can rest assured that the cost of the program, IAS and UPSC coaching, would be not too high, and you can blindly trust the quality of coaching that we provide. We ensure to provide you the right kind of support and training you need to clear your UPSC and IAS exams. We have housed all the necessary facilities that you may require during the IAS and UPSC coaching in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. As the name suggests, we use unique and highly effective coaching methodologies to prepare students and help them achieve their goals. Our trainers are professionals and they possess a great amount of experience in offering UPSC coaching. You can, therefore, expect great support from them. The support that you will get from the trainers is extremely valuable, and thus, you can be sure of getting through your UPSC and IAS exams.

Get the Best IAS Coaching in Bhopal at Unique IAS Coaching Institute

We are proud to be the first IAS preparation coaching in Bhopal and in entire Madhya Pradesh to be certified as ISO 9001:2015 standard for maintaining the quality management system in training students to become officers so that they can be an integral part of nation building and serving society as a whole. You will find the most qualified, professional, experienced, and supportive coaches for IAS coaching in Bhopal, MP. At Unique IAS coaching institute, you can be confident that you will receive the quality education that you need to make into Indian Administrative Service. If you want to join a good coaching institute for IAS preparation, then we are the best bet for you. Apart from providing IAS coaching, our institute also conducts regular seminars and workshops so that the students can get some fresh ideas. Thus, you can be assured of getting the best IAS coaching and additional workshops so that you can complete your dream of becoming an IAS officer. We use various coaching methods and thus, you can use these techniques to help you improve your performance in the IAS exams. You don’t have to pass any entrance exams to get into our IAS training program.

We Are the Best Institute for UPSC Coaching In Bhopal, MP

We are the best institute for UPSC coaching in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, M.P. We aim at providing the best UPSC training to the students. Our institute has been in the business for more than a decade and has already established our name in this field for the quality of UPSC coaching that we offer. We are the institute that offers a complete and one-stop UPSC course which will help all the student clear UPSC exams and become successful. The UPSC course includes knowledge on reasoning, mathematics, general awareness, mock interviews, exam writing, technical writing, oral communications, presentations, networking, and much more. All the students can benefit from this UPSC coaching. If you wish to achieve success and advancement in your career then you must strive hard to pass the UPSC examination, and we can help you in the journey by providing you affordable yet excellent UPSC coaching in Bhopal, MP.

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Why should you join Unique IAS ?

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Our Courses

Unique IAS offers offline and online courses with a perspective of omni directional preparation to excel in UPSC IAS and MPPSC examinations. We offer UPSC offline / online and MPPSC offline / online preparations in bhopal along with regular test series and answer writing challenges.

The goal of Unique IAS is not just to teach as per syllabus of mppsc or upsc syllabus but also to motivate students and prepare their mind to solve issues related to society and everyday problems through online and offline channels.

Our Facilities

Being the first IAS coaching institute in Madhya Pradesh to be registered as ISO 9001-2015 standard, we maintain 100% quality and management services to provide high value education to our students.

Our facilities include, online / offline UPSC coaching, online / offline MPPSC classes, library, accommodation, safety for fire and earthquake and many more. We assure to provide the best of environment to our students, so that they turn out to be excellent officers in the country.

MPPSC & UPSC Results

Unique IAS is known to deliver the best results in UPSC IAS and MPPSC in Bhopal for last 30 years. Our top IAS ranks include AIR-3, AIR-7, AIR-23, AIR-35, AIR-43, AIR-51 and top MPPSC rank includes AIR-1 for three years and more than 350 selections working as top government officials. We assure quality education and training through offline classes and online IAS coaching as well.

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Important Information related to UPSC & MPPSC Exams

Unique IAS makes sure that all the information related to UPSC, IAS and MPPSC is provided to our students with full authenticity and accuracy. For this we have dedicated team of professional who assures to research the latest and most updated content as per the syllabus and current affairs.

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About Unique IAS- One of the Best Coaching Institute for UPSC & MPPSC in Bhopal

As you are aware that Unique IAS Study Circle is Bhopal (MP) based an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Coaching institute which imparts Online /Offline Courses for UPSC and MPPSC. Unique IAS study circle is one of the top / Best Coaching Institute for UPSC IAS/IPS and MPPSC .It consists of Top professionals who have guided hundreds of candidates to top success in UPSC IAS/IPS and MPPSC for last more than 30 years in Online /Offline mode.

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The civil services exams known as UPSC (IAS/IPS) and the MPPSC exams are the top /One of the best exams of India and Madhya Pradeshas well to test and judge candidates personality, dynamism, intellectual caliber and logical expositions.

Such requisites cannot be presented on golden platter, but gradually acquired over long years of ones top socialization and the best objective learning.

Unique IAS study circle/Coaching institute has a top/Best saga of commitment to provide result oriented top /best personal guidance Online as well offline, focused on thematic, critical and analytical approach to draw out the best in each candidate.

The thousands of candidates of civil services from Bhopal ,MP and India are benefitted by the top Online as well offline guidance of Unique IAS coaching Institute under director of Unique IAS Mr. Gaurav marwaha.

However, much depends on the candidate's top dedication to work hard in the best way and his adaptability to learn from the suggested guidance given by our Bhopal based coaching Class/Institute.

The director of Unique IAS, Mr Gaurav marwaha has received D B teaching excellence award 2019 from Shri shivraj singh Chauhan chief minister of MP at a ceremony in Bhopal(MP).

Unique IAS under it's director Mr Gaurav marwaha is the proud recipient of NJ Jyotirmaya Samman -2019 for the best coaching institute under the category of UPSC IAS /IPS by Ex Governor of MP and CG. Mrs Anandi Ben Patel at a ceremony in Bhopal(MP). -The students of Unique IAS have scored All India 3rd, 7th, 23rd, 35th,43 rd , 51th, 55 th , 91st and 99 th..etc Ranks in UPSC IAS/IPS/Civil services exam.

Your Search for the right mentor to clear UPSC / MPPSC Exam ends here.

✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute is one of the oldest and top institute for the best preparations of UPSC /IAS/IPS /MPPSC in central India .The courses for UPSC /IAS/IPS /MPPSC are available in online as well as offline mode.

✔ Under the mentorship of Gaurav Marwaha Sir, Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute has given top ranks in UPSC exams. Some of ranks include All India 3rd, 7th, 23rd, 35th,43rd , 51th, 55th, 91st, 99th and many more.
Gaurav Marwaha Sir, Director, Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute has received Dainik Bhaskar Teaching Excellence Award 2019 from Respected Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan ( Chief Minister of MP) .
✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute has given best results in MPPSC exams as well. Our students have secured 1st rank in MPPSC exam for 3 years in MP and CG in MPPSC /State civil services.

✔ The director of Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute Gaurav Marwaha Sir has a top teaching experience (including in Delhi)of 30 years for UPSC / MPPSC in online as well as offline mode.

✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute has the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty team in Bhopal for the preparations of UPSC /IAS/IPS /MPPSC in Online / Offline mode.

✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute provides One To One Attention for Growth of Individual due to small batch size of 60-70 students

✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute provide well Framed Modules With Systematic Subject Sequence For Timely Completion Of Syllabus for UPSC /IAS/IPS /MPPSC both in online as well as offline mode.

✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute provided regular Tests For Self-Appraisal For Both Prelims And Mains Exams for UPSC /IAS/IPS /MPPSC Online as well as offline mode.

✔ Weekly Current Affairs Updates are given by Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute provided regular Tests for UPSC /IAS/IPS /MPPSC Online as well as offline mode.

✔ Unique IAS Study Circle/Coaching institute provides Answer Writing Practice in UPSC QCA (Question Cum Answer Sheet) Format . Special Guidance On Improving Answer Writing Skills For Main Examination.

✔ For Skip Classes Video Lectures are provided on the Online portal of the coaching institute.

Frequently Asked Questions (UPSC Exam Preparations)

Preparing for IAS exam is all about discipline and sincerity. The goal is very high and competition is too tough. Preparation for IAS exam is not an easy task unless guided by a mentor and following strict schedule for each subject along with timely test series to assure that your preparations are exactly as per the syllabus and of high quality.
If you are planning to study for IAS exam after completing your graduation in Bhopal, then best option is to join the coaching institute that for UPSC that have good experience in training students and have outstanding results till date.
If you are studying in class 12th and want to crack IAS exam, then it’s the right time to start your preparations. Join the best IAS coaching class in Bhopal and let them strategies your preparations so that you can fulfil your dream of becoming an IAS officer as soon your pass your graduation.
Choosing an optional subject for UPSC Mains Exam totally depends about your interest. For some students Geography might be an easy option, however for others History seems easy. So it all depends on the area of your interest, as you will be learning in depth about that subject during IAS preparations.
It really does not matter from where you have bought notes for UPSC preparations. What’s more important is how strategically are you preparing for your exams. Buying notes is just 5 percent of the preparation. Syllabus is very vast. Sure shot option is to join the best ias coaching in Bhopal and prepare as per their organised strategy.
Cracking IAS exam in first attempt is not a difficult task anymore. All you need is determination and sincerity towards achieving your dream goal. In order to structure your preparations in an organized way it is recommended to join one of the best IAS coaching in Bhopal. IAS coaching helps not only in structuring the preparations but also provides timely test series to check the quality and working areas.
If you are staying in Bhopal and want to prepare for UPSC exam without any coaching class, then make up your mind that it will not be an easy task. After all you are preparing to join the most reputed service of your country. While self-studying, You will have no mentor to guide when you are stuck somewhere. Discipline and determinate cannot be guaranteed when you are not organised well. So, it is always recommended to join the best coaching for IAS in Bhopal. Mentors in such institutes have already trained thousands of students and given results including top ranks. These mentors know the exact strategy that works to crack the exam in a disciplined way.
Unique IAS has been guiding students since last 30 years to achieve their dream job. Mentored by Gaurav Marwaha Sir, this IAS institute has given top rank holders to the society every year. It is the first ISO certified coaching institute for the preparation for IAS exams in Madhya Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions (MPPSC Exam Preparations)

Of course, you can clear MPPSC in first attempt. This has always been one of the hot questions asked by any MPPSC aspirant. MPPSC is all about knowing your surrounding well, being aware about what’s going on in your society, country and globally. Most important, how well you can resolve the societal issues and improve lives till the last mile. Its all about serving the society and country as a whole. This is what clearing MPPSC in first attempt all about. In order to be aware of your surroundings you need to follow the MPPSC syllabus and well-disciplined study pattern which can only be provided by best MPPSC coaching in Bhopal, Unique IAS and Mentor Mr. Gaurav Marwaha Sir. So, clearing MPPSC exam in first attempt is not a difficult task when guided by the mentors who have been helping MPPSC aspirants achieving their career dream since last 30 years. Unique IAS is the first ISO certified coaching in Madhya Pradesh and has been awarded as best MPPSC coaching in Bhopal MP by Honourable Chief Minister and Governor of Madhya Pradesh.
Preparing for MPPSC exam with a Job in Bhopal is not a tough task anymore. All you need is a determination to achieve your dream career in state services. First task is to set a timetable to manage a balance between your job and MPPSC preparations. Join one of the best MPPSC coaching in Bhopal for structured preparations and guidance. A dedicated mentor for your MPPSC preparations helps you to stick with the MPPSC syllabus and pattern. He will not only guide you but also not let you deviate from your preparations. With the help of MPPSC coaching institute you can give online MPPSC test series to check your preparations and also visit institute in evening hours after your job to discuss the doubts.
It is perfectly fine if you are completely new to MPPSC exam pattern and know nothing about it. Every expert was once a beginner. If you are at zero stage in your preparation, the best decision you can take is to join the best MPPSC coaching in Bhopal MP. MPPSC coaching helps you to structure the preparations as per the MPPSC exam pattern and latest syllabus. Unique IAS has been known for helping students in MPPSC preparations since last 30 years and have given top ranks till date. Syllabus of MPPSC is very vast, so studying on your own might lend you nowhere. Every subject for MPPSC exam preparation has a sequence for study. This sequence is well followed by Unique IAS, so that you get the proper clarification on every topic.
You should be graduate in order to apply for MPPSC exam, however there is no minimum qualification to start MPPSC preparation. Passing MPPSC exam is a tough task, however not impossible if are dedicated and sincere about it. If you are planning to prepare for MPPSC exam after 12th class, then first task is to download the latest syllabus, which is available on the official website, then check previous year’s mppsc papers for last 5 years. This will help you to get an overview of what exam is all about and type of questions being asked. You can now join the best MPPSC coaching in Bhopal for proper guidance to clear MPPSC exam.
Deputy collector or DC is the highest rank post filled through direct recruitment conducted by MPPSC.
In order to qualify as an applicant for MPPSC exam, one should be graduate from recognized university and age should be between 21 years to 40 years, For Women (UR, PwD), Men, Women (SC, ST, OBC etc) – Maximum Age is 45.
Candidates belonging to general category can give unlimited number of attempts before they attain 40 years of age. For other categories there is added relaxation on age.
There is no harm in preparing for MPPSC without coaching class, but it would be similar to beating the bush. Though you will be having a syllabus and previous year papers, but you will not be having proper guidance and a mentor to help you throughout the journey of fulfilling your career dream. MPPSC Civil Services is a reputable job that requires hard work, dedication and sincerity. You cannot afford to waste time and prepare randomly. MPPSC preparations demands sincerity and properly organised method of study. Unique IAS has been helping aspirations under the guidance of Mr. Gaurav Marwaha Sir since last 30 years and have given lots of top rank holders in MPPSC exam.